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Walking with Wheels

All-terrain mobility scooters to access the beautiful Forest trails with your family and friends

The Forest of Dean is a recognised centre for walking and cycling and is well served by trails and other surfaced access.


For people with physical disability, poor health, sensory impairment or some other inhibiting condition there may however be a need for some powered assistance, specialised interpretation or other appropriate media to enable them to enjoy the benefits that others take for granted.


Originally part of the Foresters’ Forest Heritage Lottery Funded project, working together with Countryside Mobility the project has now secured legacy funding from the Forest of Dean Ramblers and Barnwood Trust to ensure it continues to provides opportunities for more people to access the Forest of Dean.


Walking with Wheels provides all-terrain mobility scooters (called Trampers) for hire from Forest Holidays at Christchurch, and the Speech House Hotel. The Trampers are available for pre-mapped routes that take in the views of Symonds Yat, the Biblins, the Cyril Hart Arboretum and Mallards Pike Lake to name just a few.

If you would like to learn more about Walking with Wheels, please call 01594 822073 or contact us via email.

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