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The Forest Volunteer Awards 2022 are all about recognising and celebrating the amazing efforts of volunteers in the Forest of Dean.

We want to hear about all those heroes who have demonstrated exceptional and outstanding support to the local community over the past 12 months.

This year we have 5 categories:

Your Volunteer of the Year – People's Champion - This is an unsung hero who has gone above and beyond for their community or has an inspiring story. We’re looking for volunteers who give their time and input to provide valuable services to communities in the Forest of Dean. Perhaps without these volunteers’ significant contribution, organisations might not be able to sustain the work they do OR maybe they have brought transformative change to other people or their own personal story by volunteering. PLUS The winner of this award will be decided by you! Once we have shortlisted the nominees, we will be asking you to vote for who you think most deserves to be crowned Volunteer of the Year 2022.


Outstanding New Volunteer – Do you know someone new to volunteering or volunteering in a new role or organisation? This award category is for people who have made an outstanding contribution through volunteering within the past 12 months. It aims to recognise the significant
difference that volunteers can make to an organisation in a short time. This category is open to all types of volunteer role.  

Young Volunteer of the Year 16yrs & under
Young Volunteer of the Year 17 – 21yrs

Split into two age ranges, this category recognises a young person who has shown a real commitment to their volunteering and/or overcome serious problems and made a positive difference in their own life or other peoples’.  It will celebrate the work carried out by young people who give up their time to help their community; in school, at youth clubs or a voluntary organisation.


Community Voluntary Group of the Year
Celebrate and honour those small grassroots organisations who are making a real difference in the community.  These inspirational groups, run by dedicated volunteers, will have had a positive impact on the people living in the Forest of Dean. Nominations are open to groups whose tireless efforts have helped make a big change either in a small local area or in the wider community.


Community Impact Award
This award is a chance to acknowledge the positive social impact local businesses have had in the local community. It recognises those organisations who have proactively committed to supporting and encouraging their workforce to volunteer for one-off projects or regular time to work with local charities or community projects. Or businesses who have actively supported the community in other ways.


It's easy to nominate!

OR if you would prefer a paper copy, contact or 01594 8822073.

Who can nominate?
Anyone can nominate! Whether you are an individual local resident, part of a community group or from a local government organisation.  

How can I nominate?
It’s easy – just fill in our nomination form here or if you would prefer a paper copy you can request one via or 01594 822073.


What information do I need to provide?
Please provide plenty of detail about what the nominee has achieved and as much information as possible about them and their unique contribution. If you have any, please provide good quality photographs. Make sure that you have permission from anyone else in the photograph so that we can use it for media and promotional activities unless you tell us not to.   


Should I tell the person or organisation I am nominating them or keep it a surprise?
Ideally it would be good to let them know once you have decided to nominate, just so that they are aware and happy for their story to be shared. We want to celebrate and shout about the wonderful work of volunteers which would include promotion via social media, on our website and to local press.


How will it be judged?
All nominations will be carefully considered by a panel of judges. This panel will be made up of a mix of unbiased and independent judges including; members of staff from FVAF, a FVAF trustee, and representatives from local councils, businesses and media.


For more information or if you have any questions, email or call 01594 822073.