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ESHO - Employment Skills Hub Outreach

Ready to take your next steps towards educations, volunteering or work?

If you’re ‘economically inactive’ and want to make a change - we can help!

Go along to your nearest Community Hub for 121 conversations with our friendly Community Builders. They can help:

  • Explore what matters to you

  • Design an action plan building on your strengths

  • Develop your CV

  • Securing education, training and employment

  • Consider volunteering opportunities

  • Increase your confidence for online searches, applications, interviews

  • Support around self-employment

  • Take up opportunities to get involved in your local community

What does ‘Economically Inactive’ mean?

Economically inactive people (16-64 years)  are those who are neither employed nor unemployed; they’re not in paid work, but they’re also not looking for a job (or in receipt of a state benefit - Universal Credit -that requires them to seek work) or available to start work. You might be economically inactive for a number of reasons, such as being a student, looking after family and home, long term sick and disabled, temporarily sick and disabled, or retired.


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Melanie Benn

Community Builder

Avatar 111

Courtney Middleton

Project Coordinator

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Deb Cook

Volunteering Manager

 For more information please contact:  

Cathy Griffiths:  OR  07732343913

Sam Henson:  OR  01452 328645

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