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My Networks Mental Health Project

Mycelium - Forest Mental Health Project


  • The Forest Community of Practice

  • Forest of Dean Mental Health Locality Partnership

  • Recovery and Wellbeing Café

  • The Resources Hub & Library

The Forest Community of Practice

Monthly face-to-face learning collaborative, reflective practice & peer supervision. 2nd Tuesday each month. The Forest Community of Practice is for individuals working and volunteering with members of our community where support for mental health is a significant part of their role. This has been set up in response to the My Networks Scoping Project.

Many local social care practitioners stated that they wished to receive ongoing support to develop reflective practice, link with others and build skills that would help them to become more confident responding to mental distress, particularly with the increasing complexities that they were coming across in their roles.

The C of P will be supported by clinicians, professionals and lived experience practitioners from the VCS & NHS who have been involved in the Community Mental Health Transformation programme. It will provide an opportunity for collaborative learning, peer supervision and professional development. We hope a community of Forest mental health practitioners will emerge from these sessions. If you, or a mental health champion from your team, are interested and able to join us, please get in touch.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or want the most current information about scheduling details - or text 07934 945046

Forest of Dean Mental Health Locality Partnership

The Locality Partnership offers VCS and faith-based organisations the opportunity to meet with other professionals and voluntary groups who are supporting people with their mental health in the Forest of Dean.


The Partnership is a collective of social care practitioners who are working towards a community response to the My Networks scoping project findings. By coming together, we hope to keep abreast of developments, begin partnership projects or create collaborative opportunities that can address what is needed for better mental health in the Forest of Dean.

We are now an integral part of the wider Forest Know Your Patch network. Regular online meetings as well as live, in-person events are held where topics and projects are discussed and highlighted. As well as this, the FKYP works closely with other statutory organisations offering a platform to disseminate up-to-date information about services available in the community.

Recovery & Wellbeing Café

“A Community Created Curriculum of Curious Conversations”

Weekly Face-to-Face Discussions & Recovery Educational Sessions

Each Wednesday (Term Time) at Café 16 in Coleford

from 6-8pm.

“A safe space to create who you are,

not be told what to think.”

Join conversations with a diverse range of people with professional & lived experience of different subjects, local people who have gained understandings about the impact current concerns have upon mental health, recovery and wellbeing.

We are building a supportive space where, as critical friends, we can learn together and support each other with our individual understandings.

All curious & compassionate folk welcome.

The Resource Hub, Research Room & Lived Experience Library

Recovery & Wellbeing Café
- Current Programme

Spring/Summer 2024

Upcoming focused sessions include:


22nd Dementia Action Alliance and its work.

29th Open discussion.



5th Coping with Bereavement & Grief.

  • The work of Great Oaks Hospice.

12th Access to Social Care & benefits.

19th Active Hope. ‘How to face the mess we’re in without going crazy’.

26th Creative Writing. River Ecology & The Poetry Salmon.



3rd Advocacy & Co-production.

10th Open discussion.

17th The Existential Approach to Recovery from Mental Illness.

24th End of term feast (contact us for venue details).

Come and join us. Help us to develop a series of supportive recovery & wellbeing sessions. Topic/subjects will revolve around what is important now for us living in the Forest of Dean.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or want the most current information about scheduling details - or text 07934 945046

Leaflets & literature on wellness, recovery, self-help & coping with mental distress.

The group office, based above the Library at The Main Place in Coleford, is available for members to use as a safe and confidential space. We keep material that may be of use to members – and we are happy for people to provide us with leaflets that they would like shared.

To read the My Networks Scoping Project Report please visit:

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