I need some Volunteers


As the Volunteer centre for the Forest of Dean we are here to help you recruit and manage volunteers 

As a one-stop-shop for all things volunteering, we use a multi-faceted methodology to give you the best possible chance of recruiting and retaining valuable volunteers.

This includes the following: 

  • Advertising your opportunities on Do-it.org 

  • Promoting your opportunities to members of the public referred to us or via our drop-in function.

  • Advertising your opportunies on our Facebook and Twitter pages

  • Promoting your opportunities to local services who support volunteering eg. Job Centre, LearnDirect and 2GetherTrust

  • Advertising your opportunities at over 30 events per year

  • Sending your opporunities to local businesses that offer employer supported volunteering

  • Promoting relevant opportunities to Schools, Colleges and Universities 

  • Distributing your opportunities to our volunteer database of over 1,000 people

  • Promoting your opportunities to a variety of networks, including Know Your Patch 

In 2018/19 we were involved in the recruitment of 1,282 volunteers. This equates to approximately 116,662 hours which based on the 2018/19 minimum wage is worth a minimum of £913,463.


Needless to say, whilst we all want to get new volunteers through the door, without the correct environment and systems in place to support them they won't be with you for long. At FVAF we can work with you to ensure you're ready to take on volunteers.

This includes the following: 

✔ Providing Trustee Training

✔ Providing Volunteer Management Training

✔ Supporting you with relevant policies and procedures

✔ Governance advice

✔ Mediation


If you would like our support with any of the above please contact us on help4groups@fvaf.org.uk or call 01594 822073