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Digital Innovation

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It is widely recognized that people across the Forest of Dean feel digitally excluded. FVAF, working in partnership with with Gloucestershire County Council, Digital Unite and IT Schools Africa are working hard to break down these barriers.

Through training a group of Digital Champions and operating a number of 'pop up' digital drop in sessions around the Forest of Dean, we hope yo be able to esupport those who would like to enhance their digital skills, whether that be learning how to make video calls to loved ones, pay bills online, send emails or attend virtual classes. Alongside the 'pop up' training hubs, we will shortly be installing a digital training suite in our community building in Cinderford.

We will also work with GRCC and local village halls to improve their digital infrastructure to provide better connectivity in rural communities.

If you are interested in becoming a Digital Champion and supporting others, Please contact Nick Penny via email at

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