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The Forest of Dean is a recognised centre for walking and biking and is well served by trails and other surfaced access. For people with physical disability, poor health, sensory impairment or some other inhibiting condition there may however be a need for some powered assistance, specialised interpretation or other appropriate media to enable them to enjoy the benefits that others take for granted. This is currently difficult with limited facilities available but this Foresters Forest project provides opportunities for more people to access the Forest of Dean. 

Walking with Wheels provide all-terrain electric wheelchairs (called trampers) for hire at just £5.00 for 2 hours from Pedalabikeaway /Cannop Cycle Centre. Specialised guides and other support (written, pictorial or oral including the Hidden Heritage App) is also available to enable people who might otherwise be disadvantaged to enjoy the beauty and heritage of the Forest of Dean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will this project start?

The project will start on Saturday the 8th of July 2017. The Tramper will then be available to hire 7 days a week for the next 5 years and beyond!

What is a 'Tramper'?

A Tramper is an all-terrain electric powered mobility vehicle. It has a restricted speed of up to 4mph which is ideal for accompanying walkers or young children on bikes. The full specification of the Trampers can be found here.

How can I Book one?

To avoid disappointment we strongly advise that you pre-book your Tramper using the form above or by contacting FVAF on 01594 822073 or help4groups@fvaf.org.uk

Where can I hire one?

To begin with the only hire point in the Forest of Dean will be at Pedalabikeaway / Cannop Cycle Centre. This gives direct access to the Cycle and/or Sculpture Trails. Maps will be available when hiring. 

Who can use this service?

Walking with Wheels is open to anyone over 14 years of age and under 25 stone who has difficulty walking because of temporary or permanent mobility difficulties. All of our guides also undertake hearing and visual impairment training to help support those who need additional support in this area.

How many Trampers do you have?

For 2017/18 we only have one Tramper available for hire at any one time, however if we feel there is adequate use we could introduce more in the future, including at different sites. 

How much does it cost to hire a Tramper?

The Tramper is incredibly cheap at just £5 for a 2 hour session. For first time users there is also an annual membership fee of £10 to Countryside Mobility or £2.50 for a two week taster session. 

Why do I have to become a member?

Countryside Mobility are responsible for providing the Trampers and this is why they are offered at such an affordable rate. They also work to ensure each site that operates with a Tramper does so in a safe and easily accessible way. This membership will also enable you to use one of these Trampers at any of the many Countryside Mobility sites across the South West. 

Membership forms are available at Pedalabikeaway / Cannop Cycle Centre and full details on how to become a member and its benefits are here.

I need additional help

This isn't a problem. Our staff and volunteers are trained to offer an accessible experience for all. All we require is that the user is able to seat themselves on the vehicle and operate the very basic controls in a safe manner. 

I've never used one of these before

Not to worry! They are very simple and safe to operate and each user will be given a full induction to ensure they feel safe and comfortable to tackle our amazing trails.

Can I help with this project?

Walking with Wheels rely on volunteers to give users the best possible experience. If you are interested in accompanying someone on one of the routes or would like to help in another way then please call 01594 822073 or e-mail help4groups@fvaf.org.uk. Full training and support will be provided.

I would like one of these at my site

If you would like one of these Trampers based on your own site and in doing so enjoy the added footfall and interest that they bring then please call 01594 822073 or e-mail help4groups@fvaf.org.uk

 FVAF support and run a number of projects that involve volunteers and help to improve the well-being for those within the Forest of Dean who are disadvantaged in one way or another.  

If you have an idea for a project or would like some help with your current project then please e-mail help4groups@fvaf.org.uk
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